Daniel Carvalho

Got Game?

The last couple of weeks have been rather exciting in the gaming industry. GDC 2010, which was incredibly interesting from both a mainstream and indie perspective, has just come and gone. There is tons of content to consume lately, and you can spend several nights just reading interviews and watching gameplay footage. But what has made these recent weeks particularly exciting for me, is that I’ve started development on my own game.

And it has been a blast. While I don’t want to say too much about the game at this stage, I felt that it was the right and proper time to announce it now. It is, of course, a very small scoped game, that was actually conceived while I was busy working on the technology for my original game concept. Basically, the game I intended to create first, is far more content heavy and demands several months of development time. While working on the game engine, and things started to come together, I realized two things: 1. I wanted to play with the technology I had now; and 2. The game I intended on making first was going to take substantially longer to develop.

Although, it’s not quite as simple as that. The rationale behind my current direction is quite layered and granular. Such as I’ve always wanted to exploit this fun gameplay element that has been residing in my head for years. That development on this game would not, in fact, impede and sidetrack the development of my original concept. Instead, it would contribute to a common technology base that would be shared between the two game ideas, sans additional complex systems that would be needed for the original concept to be realized.

The decision in re-scoping the project and developing this new idea, serves as an ideal way to cut my teeth, while avoiding being constantly inundated with more complex problems, that will take me months to figure out on my own. So the motivations for this direction are very clear, and to fully explain how these decisive factors perfectly overlap, would require me recording audio, a video, talking in front of an audience, or directly speaking to you (while revealing too much).

So I’m stoked, amped, psyched to get this ball rolling faster and into your hands.