Daniel Carvalho


I am a designer and developer who is smitten with the gaming industry.

That’s the one-liner I’ve used for the longest time, back when the online world looked very different than it does today. Unable to escape change myself, my professional career has since narrowed with an emphasis on programming. This, in combination with many years of experience, has afforded me the opportunity to lead teams at various companies, doing back-end work on large-scale systems.

My overwhelming desire to not eat cat food when I’m retired, means that my creative pursuits are relegated to my personal time, this website being one such example. Which primarily exists to preserve the passion I have for gaming, and my dream, game development.

I’ve had my toe, leg, and sometimes everything up to my ankles in game development pretty much since I was a kid. It all started when I first discovered I could actually make my own worlds with QBasic, and then again, with the modding era that came with Quake and Half-Life. It’s been a consistent aspect throughout my life and is the thing I enjoy most doing.

For a time, I replaced oxygen with level design and released maps for Household DEATH!, Master Sword: Continued, and Counter-Strike. I enjoyed creating textures, models, sounds, and pretty much everything in-between. A vast sandbox that still brings me immense satisfaction playing in today.

Game development perfectly encapsulates my desire to create.

This is the orbit that many of the thoughts contained in this website revolve around. A collection of which I’ll be adding to for a very long time.